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We SDLC Services are the fastest growing e learning services in the K-12 domain. We are the team of 25+ professionals creating creative content, interesting videos, quizzes and assessment, illustrations and infographics and many more. All learning material is concise, to the point and easy to understand.  We work on all types of educational content under the e learning domain and have expertise in Science, Maths and Social sciences subjects. Not only subjects but we can also work on all classes as well as each and every type of boards say all state boards, ICSE, CBSE, etc. We make teaching as well as learning easy so the products from our services are fit for teachers, students or any learner. Contact us at contact@sdlcservices.com to make most of our services.

Our K-12 E-learning Services

Our content developers are best in creating high standard content which is easy to understand for all levels of students. 
  • We have created Science Maths as well as Social science content and are flexible to work with others too. We work on all classes, all boards, have clients from CBSE and State Board education systems.
  • Content creation is carried in English or in desired language as per clients choice. We have majorly worked on English and Hindi content and some other regional languages of India. We take care of our clients needs and create content in easy to understand language.
  • If the client has just an idea, our subject matter experts design a detailed syllabus as per the requirement which covers all the necessary points. We are continuously working to serve your requirements in the best possible way. 

Our extremely talented team develops videos in an interesting and engaging way which makes learning fun.
  • Videos are created in 2D as well as interactive as per the requirement of the client. So far we have worked on all the mentioned animation platforms. We are proud to say that, till date we have created videos of 20,000+ minutes.
  • We not only provide e learning video services, but also have expertise in marketing videos, advertisement and branding videos and much more like these.
  • Our professionals work on different animations types to provide you with best output as per your requirements.

We provide various quiz and assessment services as per requirement of client. Basically we work on concept quiz / assessment which covers complete concepts or a topic. Apart from this we created chapter quiz / assessment. Overall we provide
  • 7 types of quizzes, i.e. Questions created are in the form on MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), open ended questions (QnA type) and more.
  • Correct answers, incorrect answers, proper explanation of correct as well as incorrect answers are provided.
  • Our subject matter experts take care of all the requirements given by the clients and design the quiz / assessment accordingly.

We are expert in designing illustrations in the form of infographics or educational flashcards. High quality content and designing has always impressed our clients, and so we become their first choice. Not only illustrations but we also design proper notes and solutions as per the requirements of syllabus provided by our client. This helps students to score high in examinations and lowers the burdens of teachers to create all these separately.

We have gained expertise in interactive e learning using HTML 5 technology. The best interactive modules provided by us makes learning enjoyable and engaging to learner.

LMS (Learning Management System) by us have proved best for many institutions. It is well suitable for all types of educational institutions. It provides

  • Course creation
  • Registration and login modules
  • Students and teachers management
  • Course management
  • Student progress charts
  • All the required major and minor facilities
  • LMS can also be customised as per client requirements

We work for Educational Institutes, NGO’s and Government organisations. We have our own e learning product  LearnFatafat with all e learning facilities like videos, notes, solutions, quizzes and many more. Many of local as well as international educational institutions, teachers, students, biggies of e learning found our product and services great to go with. For client satisfaction, we are always ready to revise the product. If you have content we will create videos for you. If you have an idea we will create content, videos with all minors at your feet. The only thing important for us is best deliverables with customer satisfaction. There is no compromise in quality of deliverables and has reasonable pricing so that we could serve you more and in a better way.  We are well known for our quality of deliverables and the way we serve happily to our clients across the globe. Contact us at +91- 788 827 2625 or mail us at contact@sdlcservices.com to make most of our services.


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