Animation Case Study

Educational Content Created For NPO

1. Background

  • Worked with one of the biggest NPO in India which has got Google grant to make educational videos for K-12 in many languages for various state governments. 
  • The project involves the creation of eLearning video content in hindi and other regional languages,  quizzes and assessments.

2. Resources

Subject matter experts, content creators, voice over artists, animators, video editors.

3. Challenges

  • Timeline – Client wanted content to be live before next academic session. So we allocated 40+ hours of content to be finished within 10 months of the timeline.
  • Translation – Project intended to make videos in 15+ regional languages from hindi version. So the challenge was to have process and guideline in place so that video can easily be translated into other languages.
  • Deliverables – Client wanted deliverables to be engaging, high quality and up to the point.
  • Resources – As quality required was high and timelines were short, it was challenging to have resources in place to meet the deadline. 

4. Solution

  • Timeline – To meet strict deadlines, we have divided the project into weekly milestones, standardized the process, delivered in batches, identified bottlenecks in the process and worked on the improvements.
  • Translation – Videos are made in such a way that it should easily be translated without any heavy animation. Content scripts of hindi version were created in a hassle free manner such that there will be less involvement of time during the translation process. 
  • Deliverables – To make videos engaging various daily life examples, activity based situations and animations techniques were used. We carried out a number of revisions as per the requirement of content quality and had met clients expectations in delivering high quality videos and assessments. 

5. Approach

6. Deliverables

2400+ mins (40+ hours) video content and 8000+ questions for assessments for different grades in different regional languages. 

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