Our Approach

Mission & Vision

LearnFatafat is a video e-learning platform which offers Audio Visuals Content, Notes, Online Tests and various Solutions to enhance the quality of education at minimum cost. Student can access courses online or without internet.

We are witnessing huge growth in edTech and Learnfatafat slowly becoming great platform for online learning among K-12 students. With library of 4000+ videos, we are developing strong content inhouse, and plan to complete all K-12 subjects by 2021.

Pankaj chhajed, founder of learnfatafat.com

Started in June 2015. A library of 4000+ videos and growing. Learnfatafat has strong online platform with great user experience and also have an offline platform offering through SD cards, Pen drives, DVDs and installable software.

For more details visit https:learnfatafat.com