Business analysis is a process of understanding business needs and finding solution for complex problems related to business. It is a set of procedure that acts as interface among all stakeholders to get business needs and structure of product to fulfill aim of business or product. We at SDLC provide a niche business analysis services to start-ups as well as existing businesses.

User Research

User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. It is the process of understanding the impact of design on end-user who actually uses the system.

The types of user research that we do depend on the type of site, system or app you are developing, your timeline, and your environment. Some of the task includes.

  • Kick start meeting with client
  • Defining Business needs and objectives
  • Gather other basics requirements related to projects
  • Preparing high level scope

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering is the first and basic phase of software development life cycle. This phase is essential for developing software product. Requirements serve the detail descriptions of functions that software should offer. Requirements specify need of client. Requirement gathering process needs to be done properly as only proper requirements can give best design.

At SDLC, We use MoSCoW technique for requirement analysis to find our customer’s needs, evaluate system for feasibility, perform economic and technical analysis, and establish schedule & constraints and creating system definitions.

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In requirement analysis we-

  • Elicit Requirements: Communicate with customers and users to determine their requirements.
  • Analyze requirements: Determine whether requirements are unclear, incomplete, ambiguous or contradictory and then resolve those issues.
  • Record requirements: Document every single requirement into forms like user stories, use cases, process specifications.

Scope Documentation

After gathering all requirements now it’s time to prepare scope of a project. By the term scope refers to clearly identifying and documenting project boundaries. A scope document consists of functions and features that the product must provide to its users. We prepare In-scope and Out of Scope document. In scope document clearly defines the area under the project control. Prepared scope document is iteratively reviewed by the client till clear scope is defined.


Features gathered in scope document are analyzed to find feasibility of each feature. If the feature is not feasible then we find the probable solution by brainstorming over several ideas. Process flows are prepared considering all situations and their significance on the product.

Designing the solution

We believe in modular designing process. Proposed solution is developed in iterative manner involving client feedback. Client feedback will help us deliver the best solution. As per client need the solution is provided in various forms such as wire-frames, interactive prototypes and UI design,mockups. We in SDLC use various tools for providing solutions that are unique and widely accepted.


  • Process Flows
  • Business Rules & field details
  • Functional requirements
  • Non functional requirements
  • User Stories, Used cases