Project Management can be simply stated as it is the process of planning the work and working the plan. It is the process and activity of planning, organizing and controlling to achieve specific goals in project. There are various stages in project development. Project management includes a number of processes like initiation, planning & design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing. We do project management to improve the project performance, utilize available resources, complete project within time, scope, cost and schedule bounds.


Our project managers are responsible for planning, executing and closing of any project. Also responsible for implementing exact need of clients. A project manager is responsible for managing the individuals working on the project as well as the tasks and risks. In complex projects there may be segregated levels of people management but every project manager will have some responsibility for individuals. That includes motivating people, delivering constructive feedback etc.

During project initiation phase, main focus is on defining clearly about the scope of the project, goals that project is intended to achieve, how to utilize the available resources and completion of project within cost, budget and schedule constraints. During project controlling phase focus is on monitoring, controlling quality of product by tracking progress through the course of the project. During closure, project is formally closed and any information or documentation that can be used for future are stored.

There are various components involved in the project management. We focus on following areas of project management. These are- defining why project is necessary, capturing each & every requirement in the project so that it meet the needs, developing and implementing the management plan for project, managing risks and issues in the project, monitoring progress against plans, managing the project within budget and schedule constraints, maintaining communication among all stakeholders, closing project after everything completed.

Following are our various Project Management tools-

  • Task management tools: Basecamp, OnTime, Redmine, Asana
  • Bug tracking tools: Redmine, JIRA, OnTime
  • Communication tool: Slack
  • File, Documents storage: Dropbox, Google Drive